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Aanandam ((2016))
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Cast: Siddhi Mahajankatti, Roshan Mathew, Anarkali Marikar, Annu Antony, Arun Kurian, Thomas Mathew, Vishak Nair
Directed by: Ganesh Raj
Rating: 7.2 / 10 (900 votes)
Aanandam follows the life of 7 second year engineering students as they embark on their very first college tour. The group looks like the perfect circle of friends from the outside, but just like any other friends circle in college, there are small issues, egos, lies and secrets simmering underneath. As the tour starts, slowly but surely the 7 of them start learning more about their friends and about each other. We see that all is all not well in their picture perfect world. How they face these small issues and overcome it forms the rest of the story. Heartfelt, endearing and filled with life, Aanandam is a coming of age drama that explores love, life, friendships and what it's like to be 19 and in College.
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