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Farang ((2017))
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season: #1 -  unsorted subtitles
Cast: Ola Rapace, Louise Nyvall, Sahajak Boonthanakit, Gerhard Hoberstorfer, Jacques Karlberg, Maethi Thapthimthong, Sahatchai 'Stop' Chumrum, Errah Seno, Yothin Udomsanti, Anna Bjelkerud, Ralph Carlsson, Wipawee Charoenpura, Yngve Dahlberg
Rating: 7.3 / 10 (279 votes)
Former criminal Rickard has vanished. Fleeing Sweden and the old friends he has testified against, he abandons his name, his life, and his family to start over in Thailand. Ten years later and still with a price on his head, Rickard knows that a return home would be a death sentence. And so he ekes out his existence as a small-time crook in the back alleys of Phuket. Life's tough and dirty, but at least it won't kill him. But when his fifteen-year-old daughter Thyra comes looking for him, Rickard's self-imposed exile in this gritty paradise is soon under threat. His attempts to push her away only drive her deeper into the dark underworld that Rickard knows only too well. After a momentary lapse in judgment, Rickard's cover is blown and both he and his daughter find themselves in very real danger. Their only chance of survival is to strike back at those who are coming for them. But how can he protect her when he can't even protect himself?
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TV series episodes
Episode name # IMDb rating Release date
season 1
1. Episode #1.1 3 7.3 Mar 9, 2017
2. Episode #1.2 5 7.1 Mar 9, 2017
3. Episode #1.3 4 7.9 Mar 16, 2017
4. Episode #1.4 5 7.9 Mar 23, 2017
5. Episode #1.5 4 7.5 Mar 30, 2017
6. Episode #1.6 3 8.9 Apr 6, 2017
7. Episode #1.7 4 8.6 Apr 13, 2017
8. Episode #1.8 3 7.6 Apr 20, 2017

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