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El faro de las orcas subtitles

El faro de las orcas ((2016))
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Cast: Maribel Verdú, Joaquín Furriel, Joaquín Rapalini, Ana Celentano, Ciro Miró, Osvaldo Santoro, Federico Barga, Zoe Hochbaum, Alan Juan Pablo Moya, Juan Antonio Sánchez, Eduardo 'Camión' Domínguez, Roberto Bubas, Isidoro del Carmen, Errol Kenny Hughes, Maria A. Abraham
Directed by: Gerardo Olivares
Rating: 6.7 / 10 (662 votes)
Beto is a lonely man who works as Ranger of the isolated Peninsula Valdes' National Park (Chubut, Argentina). Lover of the nature and animals, the peace of his days watching orcas, seals and sea lions in the sea ends after the arrival of Lola, a Spanish mother who travels there from Madrid with his autistic 11 years old son Tristán looking for Beto after both watch him in a documentary about whales. Desperate, Lola asks help Beto in order to make a therapy for Tristán, hoping that his isolation caused by the autism can be overcome. Reluctant at the beginning, Beto agrees to help Tristán, sailing by the cost in a boat to meet orcas (defying the rules that prevent touching them and swimming them), the only one that causes emotional responses in Tristán. As days go by, Tristán starts slowly to express emotions, in the same way that Beto's boss tries to fire him in the belief that orcas are a dangerous killers whales, Lola realizes about a familiar trouble in Spain and that they Lola and ...
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