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L.A. Burning ((2017))
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Cast: Bart Bartholomew, Tana Daniels, Daryl Gates, Tim Goldman, George Holliday, Sung Hwang, Gerald 'Slink' Johnson, David Joo, Cynthia Kelley, Johnnie Kelley, Michael Moulin, Rodney King, John Singleton, Tom Bradley
Directed by: One9, Erik Parker
Rating: 7.6 / 10 (14 votes)
L.A BURNING: The Riots 25 Years Later explores the lives of the people at the flashpoint of the LA riots, 25 years after the uprising made national headlines and highlighted the racial divide in America. The film views the infamous intersection and the events that transpired there through the lens of the people who converged on the corner that has become known as the flashpoint and the people who called the place home long before the fires burned and brought national attention to their doorsteps. The film introduces the back-stories and long-term effects of a cross section of key actors at Florence and Normandie-rescuers, victims, law enforcement, rioters, media- and others. Twenty-five years later, the film shows reunions at the flashpoint; victims looking to overcome their fears as they return to the scene that has caused so much pain in their lives. And the film finds those who committed violent acts in a moment of anger and despair, reflecting on their actions and how their lives ...
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