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Wo de wan mei nan ren subtitles

Wo de wan mei nan ren ((2011))
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season: unsorted subtitles
Cast: Weber Yang, Sze-Ming Lu, Min-chih Yeh, Sara Yu, Serina Liu, Dennis Nieh, Shih-Lun Kuo, Calvin Li
Rating: 0 / 10 (0 votes)
A rising plastic surgeon is looking for the perfect man and will stubbornly settle for nothing less. She inherits property from family and comes back into contact with an old school mate who protected her from bullying in junior high but suddenly moves away. She is left wondering what happened. It's haunted her in the background ever since. Meanwhile he becomes barely recognizable to her as he is now obese. But his good nature remains. Though his heart starts out belonging to another, the more she gets to know him again, the more she questions her own idea and standard of the perfect man. Could HE be the one? Or is there much to learn from him to help in her search? Who's the one?
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