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Love Next Door 2 ((2015))
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Cast: Angkul Jeennukul, Rattapon Pontabtim, Preamwiss Tadachaiyosit, Thanapat Sornkoon, Pattarasuda Anumanrajadhon, Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, Jennie Panhan, Jeson Jessadara, Patchanok Iamsa-Ard, Pathomporn Sabpaitoon, Teeranan Jisa, Nophand Boonyai, Varattha Tongyoo, Waranyu Vorapatlopast, Nattapat Jaihaw
Directed by: Thitipan Raksasat
Rating: 0 / 10 (0 votes)
Love Next Door 2 is a sexy comedy film about love, friendship and sex highlighting on diversity of human being and sex recognition in a society. The story begins again when Kao (Asia) decides not to have sex for 30 days according to a fortuneteller's advice but Nut (Arm Rattapon), his co-worker, asks to stay with him for a while. Sometimes Nut sleeps in his underwear driving Kao out of control but the more he tries to control, the worse he falls for Nut. In a restaurant where Kao and Nut work for, there are 2 transwomen, Tangkwa (Tanwarin) and Bua (Jennie), having a crush on Kao in the same time so they fight with each other just to win Kao. They are willing to risk losing their long friendship for a waiter they just meet. One day Hanoi (Thanapat), a gay brother, comes to visit his sister who is a restaurant owner. Hanoi tells his sister that he wants to become an air hostess but he can't swim so Game, a restaurant's helper, is assigned to help train swimming and that leads Hanoi to ...
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True Love Next Door E01 id Love Next Door 2 (2015) Indonesian subtitles 0 pdcrph15
True Love Next Door E02 id Love Next Door 2 (2015) Indonesian subtitles 0 pdcrph15

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